"The Labor diehards, of course, are at pains to present the bright side, but there isn't one".

"The Labor diehards, of course, are at pains to present the bright side, but there isn't one". Photo: AFP

The headline on Thursday's front page said it all: ''Rudd plan in tatters as camps labelled 'gulags''', (July 25). Yet another ALP plan gone to tatters, resulting in a huge waste of taxpayers' hard-earned funds.


In my neck of the woods most objective punters believe it was just another cynical election ploy gone bad to the extent that a former Liberal prime minister offered scathing criticism.


The Labor diehards, of course, are at pains to present the bright side, but there isn't one.


<em>Illustration: Cathy Wilcox</em>

What is it about this government that it has zilch competence when it comes to governance?

It has great ideas such as DisabilityCare Australia and the Better Schools program but thankfully this mob won't be around to oversee their proper administration.


Perhaps that's why all their schemes are timed to begin after the next election.


Kate Barton Glebe


Malcolm Fraser is so right branding the detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru ''gulags''. What is happening in this country is so uncivilised and shocking it beggars belief. Each day brings new horrors. And as for Kevin Rudd questioning whether Tony Abbott is fit to hold the highest office in the land, what a joke.


I'm sorry, Mr Rudd, but you should have a good look at yourself, mate.


Carol Zarkesh Austinmer


Papua New Guinea High Commissioner Charles Lepani had every right to tick off the opposition and others for maligning his country (''Coalition to add most of PNG solution to boats policy'', July 25).


For all its problems, PNG has much going for it, including democratic institutions, a competent government, the rule of law and the prospect of big revenues from natural gas.


There is no reason why PNG can't, with Australia's help, manage the reduced number of asylum seekers who do not heed the government's warnings that they will end up permanently in PNG if they risk their lives by coming by boat.


Andrew Macintosh Queenscliff


For how much longer are our two major political parties going to argue over how best to manage the asylum-seeker problems facing Australia? Can their strategies really be so different?


The debate is now little more than opportunistic politicking with both sides apparently more determined to get one over their opponents than to seriously address the issues.


This should not be a political problem. I'm sure most Australians have had enough of this childish and pathetic arguing from our so-called future leaders. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, it is well past time you worked together on an approach that will develop the best outcome, for Australia and for the poor sods that are really little more that election fodder.


Bob Harris Sawtell


Will Kevin Rudd's PNG solution bring enough Liberal voters over to his party to cover the Labor voters he's lost?


Joann Williams Canyonleigh


To Irene Buckler (Letters, July 25) who will not live side-by-side with former Manus Island detention centre detainees because some have been accused of destruction and rape, what about those who have been attacked?


They are victims, just as perhaps your impeccable male family members would be, if incarcerated.


It takes (at least) two, you know, for this act, and you shouldn't tar all detainees with the one brush - just as we

Australians who have compassion don't want to be linked with your views.


Wendy Crew Lane Cove


I can only imagine the electric bolt of fear in an Afghan child as she finally surrenders the struggle and drowns. I can only imagine the terror of a young Iranian male whose legs are forcibly spread before he is raped.


What I can't imagine and understand is why Kevin Rudd and Tony Burke cannot sit down with Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison and work together. If the above were your daughter, Tony, or your son Kevin, how would you feel?

Can someone please explain why our political leaders cannot work together on this?