Greenacre Shooting

The street is taped off as police investigate the shooting. Photo: Helen Nezdropa

A man killed in a "vicious and callous" shooting in Sydney's south west was once accused of the fatal shooting of a Sydney drug dealer.


Khaled Kahwaji, 30, was found dead on the road on Wilbur Street, Greenacre, on Friday evening.


Police established a crime scene and remained on the street until the early hours of Saturday.


"This is not a random incident. This person has been targeted and it's certainly not something that is random," Bankstown police Superintendent Dave Eardley told reporters on Saturday.


"It's certainly an act that's quite vicious and callous."


Homicide detectives are now investigating the circumstances of the shooting.


In 2010, Kahwaji was charged with the murder of another man who was playing touch football at Roberts Park, Greenacre.


It comes a week after an aunt of convicted murderer and Brothers For Life gang founder Bassam Hamzy was shot in the legs outside her Auburn Road housing commission apartment.


Wilbur Street has been taped off for much of the morning as uniformed police do line searches of the road and detectives speak to residents.


Residents have been stopped from driving into the street, with police asking for identification before allowing them to walk in.


A yellow marker on the road shows where the victim died.


One woman, who was watching her two young children playing in her front yard, said the shooting was a concern.

"It's a really quiet [street], lots of people around. It's very scary.


"You don't see a lot of it, you hear about it, but we don't see a lot of it."


NSW opposition leader John Robertson said the government needs to do more about gang activity and gun crime.

"We need more police resources thrown at the problem and we need cash rewards for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these criminals and thugs.


"What we're seeing grow now in Sydney is a culture where young men think it's OK to take matters into their own hands, get a gun and resolve their differences down the barrel of a gun."